Scientists discover China has been secretly emitting banned ozone-depleting gas

What kind of shitty are we talking here? Shut down nuclear plants because they're scary kind of shitty? Shut down factories and reopen them in China because perfect environmental protection isn't feasible kind of shitty?

Maybe we should regulate emissions, set reasonable renewable energy goals and stop pretending that nuclear plants are unsafe because the very poorly designed one in Japan didn't survive both a magnitude 9 earthquake and a tsunami.

If I'm being honest, it's idiotic to ignore the fact that they just went overseas when presented with unattainable environmental emissions standards, particularly when California is arguing that because natural gas is clean, fracking is ultimately good. If natural gas leaks it's placing methane in the atmosphere. Not "some cows in the Midwest are farting" methane either.

Oh wait sorry: yeah you're right we should just keep paying China to fix a problem they couldn't give fewer fucks about. Or race to 0 while China gets worse.

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