Scotland is going to return Tory MPs this election

Other than devolution what did Labour do for Scotland?

  • Build schools with private debt that were so shit they fell down?

  • Refused to replace the rusting and collapsing Forth Road Bridge?

  • Built 6 council houses in 5 years?

  • Returned £750m in Barnett funding to Westminster because they "didn't know what to do with it"?

  • Enabled the Conservatives in their Bullshit Together campaign?

  • Were such cunts they turned nasty on their own voters for no longer buying their shit?

  • Have leader after leader lie about the powers, capabilities and actions of the parliament they built?

  • ...which was massively overbudget. Much like the trams in Edinburgh.

  • A party that even now thinks it's nursery school teacher of a leader in Dugdale can convince England to federalise just so she can deliver a promise and maybe get back into the big girls chair.

The SNP might be a bit twee but they get shit done. They didn't steal 6 successive dominant elections in a row, we're not fucking stupid and Labour won't get back into power in Scotland until they stop acting like their entitled to votes. It's been 10 years. You're still at it. You're shite. Fuck off.

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