So, Scott Hall wrestled for original ECW in 2000

September 2, 2000 Friends of Scott Hall say he is in "excellent spirits" & seems to be happy while living at his home in Florida. They add that he hasn't expressed any type of desire to return to wrestling in the near future. Another key source says he expects something to happen with Hall's situation within the next few weeks. With the WWF lawsuit regarding Hall & Nash's jump to WCW settled out of court recently, the feeling is that WCW could terminate his deal now that they don't have to fear Hall testifying against them in the case. The source did not rule out the possibility of Hall returning, but again insisted the situation should be resolved "one way or another" within the next few weeks. The source adds that Hall has been medically cleared to return to the ring (stemming from his neck injury) & is being paid in full while he sits at home.

September 9, 2000 Scott Hall's contract may call for WCW to give him a raise this month. There is some talk of using Hall on Nitro via telephone. The hope is that Hall will receive a strong enough crowd reaction that it will convince Siegel to permit his on-camera return. WCW insiders report that if WCW hopes to rid themselves of Hall, they will either have to buyout the remainder of his contract at full price, or talk him into accepting a reduced rate. The insiders say that unless WCW can prove Hall breached his contract, because of the wording of his deal, Hall has all leverage.

September 23, 2000 Sources say Scott Hall is questioning Brad Siegel's "zero tolerance" policy. As if there weren't enough similarities to recently terminated Indiana basketball coach, Bob Knight's situation, Hall asked Siegel to define in writing his idea of zero tolerance. Still, most expect Hall to return at Monday's Nitro.

September 30, 2000 Despite people all over the internet jumping to conclusions, Scott Hall was never scheduled to return to Nitro on Monday. It was possibility at one point, but the ball was in Hall's court to call WCW head Brad Siegel & initiate a discussion where he apologized for his past behavior & gave Siegel assurances it wouldn't happen again. Siegel apparently had that message sent to Hall through some middlemen, but Hall didn't respond. That also adds evidence in some people's mind that there is something going on regarding a sale of WCW. Either Hall just prefers to get paid to stay at home, or perhaps he has been told to lay low until the sale takes place so he can make a big splash in the "new WCW" later this year or whenever the sale goes through.

October 21, 2000 Scott Hall has been sent termination papers by WCW, but sources close to him say he plans to fight the termination. Hall has been on the sidelines more than he's been active for WCW the past year or two for a variety of reasons including injuries, personal problems, & behaviour issues. There are some key factors that may have led to WCW finally deciding to release Hall. Brad Siegel had created a list of highly paid wrestlers he wanted to get off the books through buyouts or firings. Hall was the easiest choice since he hadn't been productive. However, Hall might argue he was willing to come to work, & all Siegel had to do was call him & tell him where to be & when. Hall did tell friends he wasn't going to call Siegel himself & beg him to let him back in & promise to be a "good boy."

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