Scott Lobdell's take on Dick Grayson [Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1]

Ease up on the hysteria, man. It’s a perfectly standard page of writing that meets the perfectly average writing standard across the DCU and is certainly no worse than the shallow characterization and dialogue Percy was churning out in Nightwing recently.

Lobdell’s a company man and he’ll institute unpopular and stupid changes for a paycheck, and I think him taking over writing Percy’s scarecrow story is pretty skeezy but let’s not pretend his dialogue is considerably more on the nose than Tynion’s or Williamson’s or Percy’s or Abnett’s or even Snyder’s on occasion.

Besides, Unless things are really bad at Nightwing he’s unlikely to stick around. They were unlikely to get Al Ewing the week after they fired the last guy.

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