It was Scott Morrison's so-called quiet Australians who delivered him his shock "miracle" election in 2019. What remains unclear after the first week of the election campaign is if they're still with him or just quietly furious at how he's governed in the three years since.

The Christian bloc will drop when the numbers from the 2021 census come out, but most of that drop will transfer to "No Religion".

What would be interesting to know is what faith all the "No Religion" types claimed prior to going "No Religion" - are most of them lapsed and non-practising Christians? Because the big scare tactic One Nation and the racist bigots love to trot out is that we're in danger of becoming a Muslim nation and Sharia law will soon follow. It's a load of bollocks, because Islam accounted for 600k, or 2.6%, Australians in 2016, and Buddhists were only slightly behind that. If we assume the majority of the "No Religion" crowd are lapsed Christians, then there's a lot of numbers to overcome and a good many years to go before that scare prediction becomes a plausible possibility.

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