Scott Tadych the Angry Man

-Scott and Bobby alibi each other on the road at the time TH would have been leaving ASY on that same road.

-Scott’s trailer is a quarter mile down the road from where multiple people report seeing TH’s vehicle at the turnaround.

-Scott’s coworkers said they received a call from a Dassey boy that sounded upset wanting to speak to Scott

-Scott tells coworker that Dassey boy said Scott’s laundry was mixed in with their clothes and there is blood on his clothes.

-Scott’s coworker states Scott was selling a .22 rifle for one of the Dassey boys.

-Scott’s workplace has a smelter and he works the night shift which would put him at a smelter at 3:00 am.

THIS list gives me (RIGHT AWAY) a reason(able doubt) as to SA being the 'murderer of TH'

What a thorough, competent, honorable job MSD/LE did! wait, thats incorrect.

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