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Tardigrades new title

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Tardigrades is a retro style non-linear 2D point and click game. It's influenced by Sierra's Space Quest(s) and Lucas Arts' The Dig. When released, it would be my 3rd game (all point and click).

The non linearity aspect of the game makes it a lot different than conventional point and click adventure games. The puzzles have different approaches and alternative solutions. Every time you start playing the game would be a different experiment due to the random events that occur, different solutions, random events affecting characters moods and so on.

Tardigrades is the new name I chose for the project after cancelling the previous one: Epoch. Thanks to all of your advice, it was a hard decision to take. More info about the name.

Sorry, all the promos I created before had the older name: Alone with Ra

Game play demo


Carter near an ethane lake on Titan

Alex ambushing Carter in the showers

How the bedroom was created

Bonus answer I will work more on my project. Maybe do more promo videos.

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