I screwed up..

So...my boyfriend and I aren't really "big date night" people. But when we want to do something special, we usually make a nice homecooked meal with some wine.

Being Valentine's day and all, get her some flowers if she likes them (it doesn't hurt to ask if she likes flowers, she'll likely understand, if not candy always works!). If you're actually really interested in this girl I think it'll give you an edge to work on too, because for me at least, I really like men who cook and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. After the meal take her out to a museum, aquarium, or art gallery. I don't live on the west coast but I'm pretty sure you will have plenty to chose from.

Alternatively, gift giving works well too if that's the type of person you are. They don't have to be expensive but thoughtful gifts are my favorite. This year I bought my boyfriend new work boots because he's been complaining about them wearing out for the past couple of months. Last year I bought him a new beanie (he lost his), tools, and tickets to see CloZee (technically a vacation, we did a 6 HR drive to Santa Fe for the concert and it was so much fun exploring the city!), and he ended up paying for a tattoo for me! Even if it's something small, if it means a lot to her or something she'll use a lot she'll really appreciate it and know you're paying attention to her interests.

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