Scriviamo uno script per levare i punti blu con x tra 95 e 106 e y tra 316 e 323

# needs python 2
import urllib
import urllib2
import time
import json
import random
# dove scrivono gli stronzi:
xmin = 95
xmax = 106
ymin = 316
ymaz = 323
offense=2 # 1 = defend first 2+ = attack more, proportionally to the number
delay_minutes=5 # MAKE SURE THIS IS >= the actual delay
protected = []
def get_target_color(x):
if(x>=95 and x<=106): return 3 # left border: black
if(y>=316 and y<=323): return 3 # first stripe: green
print "Build the Italy Flag"
print "Getting user agent list for anonymity (please wait)"
user_agent_list=list(set([ua for ua in urllib.urlopen("").read().splitlines() if not ua.startswith("#")]))
accounts = []
sessions = {}
print "For each account you want to use, enter it in like username:password"
print "When you're done, type 'done'"
user_input = ""
while (user_input != "done"):
    user_input = raw_input("Account-> ")
if user_input.lower() != "done":
opener = urllib2.build_opener()
opener.addheaders = [('User-Agent', random.choice(user_agent_list))]
for account in accounts:
    username = account.split(":")[0]
    password = account.split(":")[1]
    data = urllib.urlencode({'op': 'login-main', 'user': username, 'passwd': password, 'api_type': 'json'})
    resp =''+urllib.quote(username), data).read()
    sessions[username] = json.loads(resp)["json"]["data"]["cookie"]
print "Running Build the Italy Flag"
while True:
# Fill the void
for session in sessions.keys():
            cookie = sessions[session]
            x = random.randint(xmin,xmax)
            y = ymin-1
            target_color = get_target_color(x)
            color = target_color
while color == target_color:
# Find a wrong square
                    y = y+random.randint(1,offense)
if (x,y) in protected:
                    resp =""+str(x)+"&y="+str(y)).read()
                            color = int(json.loads(resp)["color"])
except Exception, e:
#print "Exception"
#print resp
                            color = target_color
print "Found a non-flag color at", x, y
            data = urllib.urlencode({'x': x, 'y': y, 'color': target_color})
            newopener = urllib2.build_opener()
            newopener.addheaders = [('User-Agent', random.choice(user_agent_list))]
            newopener.addheaders.append(('Cookie', 'reddit_session='+cookie))
            modhash = json.loads("").read())["data"]["modhash"]
            newopener.addheaders.append(('x-modhash', modhash))"", data).read()
print next
            finalresp =""+str(x)+"&y="+str(y)).read()
if session in finalresp:
print "Added successfully"
print finalresp

Questo dovrebbe fare tutto il quadrato nero, ma a noi basterebbe eliminare solo i pixel blu dal quadrato

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