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Oh good! I was concerned when they disappeared, but I felt sure you would somehow save the amazing Patrick Stewart thread, and by extension hopefully everything else. Several questions:

Question 1 ~ Are people still able to comment in the removed posts? Or do they need to wait until they're restored? I wouldn't mind seeing some more creative answers. (And you can always flag highlight them like AskHistorians did, if you needed to.)
Question 2 ~ May I suggest that the Alternative FIRE articles also get included in the April Fools Delphi page? Question 3 ~ Also, if you have archived screenshots, those would be very entertaining to see in the wiki as well. I may have taken a couple of screen shots that amused me the most. One of my big laughs was when the sidebar switched to the left!

Congratulations Lt. /u/respite on your timely promotion!

We got a shout-out from DataIsBeautiful? Don't see it. /r/AskHistorians also had a fun April Fools Day that I spent sometime in. They were so entertained they wanted to make /r/AskFantasyHistorians , and people pointed them to the likes of us and /r/AskScienceFiction. I always tell people we're Ask(Future)Historians. And of course, /r/startrek 's Tribble infestation plus /u/Corgana 's acknowledgement and joy in pranks that hinder the actual functionality of said subreddit was awesome as well. Sidenote: While not April Fools, one of my biggest laughs of the day happened in the middle of this video with It's Frakes!

I had a number of genuine LOL chuckles, and it was so tempting to break character and tell someone how much they made me laugh. I wish I had kept a running list but I'm going to try and remember them now. Some favorite moments:

  • When Lt. /u/queenofmoons (accidentally?) mentioned "Janeway" in her comment about Data and Shelby in Voyager, OP Lt. respite called her out on it, and Crewman MageTank saved it by correcting it to Nicole Janeway.

  • Cmdr. Capt. /u/jimmysilverrims giving and docking bit-lats for comments during the Ferengi occupation. " - Ⱡ1.10 "

  • In a world, where Firefly is still on the air, Crewmember /u/skwerrel sparked a number of interesting alternative reality plots including the annoyed "Saffron saves Firefly debate" from /u/jmk4422 .

  • I had to stop for several moments and laugh and re-read and laugh again at /u/MageTank 's comment that the rubbish "First Contact" was:

    still better than the Wes Anderson-verse.

  • Visualizing CPO /u/TheCheshireCody's scenario gave me a big LOL

    You had to respect the way Riker shaved his head in tribute to his fallen Captain, though.

  • Capt. kraetos's incredulous response to the idea that the Borg hivemind would copy an insect colony was also a huge chuckle:

    Wait, really?
    If the Borg have a "Queen" then what did they need Locutus for in the first place?

  • CPO /u/cleric3648 made me me laugh with this callback to "Measure of a Man"

    The graphics department phoned it in for every episode after "Toaster Oven To The Stars".

  • Cmdr /u/MungoBaobab 's hilarious reaction to discovering that

    now I'm a girl and I'm sexy as FUCK.

  • /u/MadeMeMeh made me smile with this comment about the Ferengi comedies:

    the intricacies of Rom and Leta's marriage
    So you want a Rom Com?

  • /u/borticus just now made me giggle with the idea of using a tribble as a hairpiece.

  • and honorable mention to all the confused, amused readers who also made me grin with their reactions.

I really enjoyed participating and I giggled when I made myself cringe with the "shipper" name "TRoika" which was inspired by Cmdr jimmysilverrims comment on Riker and Troi's marriage. And also when I unsuccessfully tried to start a grammar war on whether the next Abrams movie's title was TNG: Into The Light or TNG: Into the Light. Mostly I tried to sprinkle as much truth into my posts as I could, and use stuff that people have already heard about somewhere or other. Like the transcript between Tuvok and Janeway, I couldn't give credit yesterday to Lt. /u/drafterman , so I disguised my source link. Today I thank you for involuntarily letting me plagiarize your work without asking.

Towards the end of the night I realized we should have been incorporating elements from @TNG_S8's twitter just for the sheer entertaining ridiculousness of it all.

Haha, I feel like I just did a review recap of an awards night, like "what you missed from highlights of the Oscars".

I may have missed a few moments from the deleted OPs, if anyone remembers any golden moments from there, please add your favorites!

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