Scummy shit you've done

I sold a lot of nbome as LSD back in the day. I was so fucking arrogant and cold it was ridiculous. If a college kid asked me about my "L" I'd tell him it was Elrich tested, no taste, LSD25. Their eyes would light up and they'd tell me how easily they could move it at school. I'd play along and pretend to know what I'm talking about, reassuring them that it's not that nbome garbage that's been going around. I'd give them my fake name and burner number and made them drive two hours to me to get ripped off. I'd take an uber to and from the meeting place so they wouldn't even know what kinda car I drove.

A girl at another school way out in east bumfuck wanted to do a similar arrangement and drove all the way out to the club at 3 AM to pick up off me. As I pull the shit out of my pocket she goes "It's not that nbomb stuff, right?" in an innocent and almost childlike tone that made lying to her a lot harder. She bought it and did the PLUR handshake thing with my hand and gave me a candi bracelet. I felt like I'd just sold poison to a toddler even though she was around my age.

One kid came from two states away to talk business and pick up a test sheet. We went to a bar and talked for like an hour about him making weekly pickups in bulk to bring back home. I gave him some coke and paid for his drinks "as a gesture of good faith for future business."

I was such an arrogant piece of shit at 21 it still blows my mind that I never got my ass kicked.

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