SDL (very reluctantly) moving from mercurial to github

You really want to talk about me as a victim because you know objectivity isn't going to help you.

Uhh, are you okay? You're the one who brought up victim blaming and cast yourself in the role of "the victim" of CoC's for having a differing opinion. Right here:

Ah yes, victim blaming. Blame a person for holding an opinion that doesn't follow the rhetoric rather than the person making the rhetoric into an issue.

So I really don't know what you're going on about.

So what if they person who owns the company is against trans-rights? They are more important than me so you're saying I shouldn't argue with their transphobia. Correctness measured by your height in the corporate status tree.

This is a company. It's not an agora where you can dispute the finer points of moral philosophy and censorship. If your CEO is a racist, homophobe, transphobe or any other deplorable thing to be, you:

  1. Keep working there if it doesn't bother you.
  2. You quit and find a new job. Maybe leave a scathing review on Glassdoor to warn people off.

Why would you just throw down and start arguing with the CEO of a company in regards to their moral fiber? to what end? That's just a great way to be roughly exited by a pair of security guards.

According to CoC there is a right and a wrong, they will tell you what it is and prevent any further discussion.

You keep conflating a CoC with a set of ethics. I mean, maybe it can be interpreted as such, that argument can be made. But it's really just a definition of "this is the workplace environment we want". The workplace is not an arena for philosophical discourse. It 100% has a set of rights and wrongs. Whatever is conducive to a fluid working environment is right, whatever is not, is wrong. Full stop, end of discussion.

Nobody's telling you that you're not allowed to read Mein Kampf or whatever after work hours. You just don't bring that shit into work. If you don't like a particular companies CoC, don't work there. If it's a particularly stupid and egregious CoC, likely they'll have trouble hiring and not do very well.

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