[Sean Kelly] May I say that nobody is objecting to having 2 races in Italy this year (or 3 in Italy in 2020), and that country is smaller than 5 US states in their own right.

That's how you build and maintain a fanbase, which we probably wouldnt have this problem if we didnt have so many GP in the gulf. I haven't seen the sales numbers for GP in other emerging markets (China for example, who should probably have 2 GP base on their population size and where they're mostly located in country), but the USGP has set the attendance record for all of F1, and is has sold out for grandstand and GA for this year already. Miami sold out in 1 day with no race yet held there. There's huge demand for another GP in a growing market for F1. It would be foolish for F1 to not add another race for the west coast fanbase coming from the US and Canada. The demand is there. The same can't be said for Germany for instance. Even though we complain about it not being on the calendar, they also weren't selling out before they got axed.

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