[Sean Ross Sapp] Jonathan Gresham asked for his ROH/AEW release, https://t.co/jy8u49QleA has learned. There was a conversation that was said to have involved Gresham "cussing out" Tony Khan. Full story coming for subscribers in minutes.

Tired of this narrative.

Did anyone truly think the roster would never change? Even if WWE hadn't gone release crazy, you don't think AEW would've been looking to sign up and comers from the indies? Or maybe instead of buying ROH, Tony would've just added the guys he wanted from there?

People that didn't impress were always going to be replaced. Yes, a couple of the non-renewals sucked a bit (Grayson for me, a little Janela) but others made perfect sense.

Marko never truly had a role besides goofy sidekick who ate pins. People constantly pick on Gresham's height, Marko was even shorter and not even remotely built like Gresham. Jack Evans said himself that he was partially at fault for his own lack of use.

Plenty of AEW originals are still getting their shine. Starks and Hobbs are clearly being built for big things. Wardlow's finally getting his chance to show what he can do. The Acclaimed are hotter than ever. Jungle Boy's getting the chance to prove he's ready to be a singles star.

Are things perfect? Of course not. Nothing ever will be. They can't possibly keep everyone happy, be it wrestlers or fans.

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