The Season 1 finale of Severance may be one of the best episodes of television of all time.

(This has spoilers for the episode)

I felt like this episode was just dragging out the major plot point of the show to create suspense, which was kind of a low blow and not great writing in my opinion. The characters should have been able to solve the situation they were in during this time so that the show could develop unless there was an actual roadblock stopping them from doing so, but instead they all just screwed around and weren’t able to say what they had to say to ANYONE.

This makes no sense! If they were trying to fight for their lives and escape their imprisonment, they would have told one of the first people they saw, and wouldn’t have been so cautious or slow to act. I just don’t like it when shows make the characters act in unnatural ways to fit a stretched out story (which happened at other points of the show too). I literally looked for this post because I want to share my opinion about this. Despite that, severance explores a cool idea for a narrative and is well acted. Also, I like how the show was created by a mega corporation like Apple because it’s pretty ironic.

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