Season 2 Wish List and Jackie/Toy Story Connection

The first bowling episode (s01e06 - Lover's Lane) was about Becky and her new crush, and Jackie and her crush. The rest was filler.

Filler included such hilarious antics as:

1) Roseanne and Dan imitating hillbillies

2) Jackie and Booker making a 'familiar' bet

3) Dan and his bowling antics

4) Roseanne and Jackie's bowling antics

5) Crystal's bowling rules

6) Darlene and Roseanne's video game antics

7) Roseanne meeting Becky's crush and acting like she's not Becky's mother

8) Dan having a 200-point game pulsating through his fingers and Roseanne turning that into a sex metaphor

There were no lessons learned, just interesting characters who didn't take themselves seriously. No preaching, lessons learned, or plot spread too thin, just hi-jinx with some interesting characters. And that's what's missing from The Conners thus far, fun!

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