Season 3 is going to feel so underwhelming without a new hero.

Yeah, I play quite a few games every night and for the first 2 nights I was so frustrated I didn't get shambali once that people were telling me to go to the all shambali arcade mode which I just refused to do. Was getting my shapeshifter title.

Since then there has been more equal shambali in comp and somewhat QP but it does feel like its frequency has been reduced, which made me say "You would think they'd want to encourage people to play the new map instead of discourage it"

Part of me had a conspiracy going that somehow servers did have the same amount of shambali, but certain peoples luck giving them a higher rate of experiencing it meaning that someone like me needed to exist on the other end of that scale.

Ultimately I think I just missed the server rotations at those moments I decided to queue and requeue.

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