Season 6 Builds Megathread Number Two

I'm just gonna shamelessly plug my runes, masteries and typical builds here and discuss why I think they're good.


  1. AS Reds and Quints lower the CD on your Q, which is especially good early on for trading. AS also scales the best out of the runes you could use here.
  2. Armor yellows give you good early resistance to their damage, making your trades better.
  3. Scaling MR blues give you decent MR later in the game, which is good against the magic damage opponents that may be on the enemy team.

Reason 1 stays the same, but

  1. Scaling HP yellows give you good resistance to their burst later on.
  2. Flat MR blues give you good resistance to their damage early on.


I have four different mastery pages, each with their own uses. I'll show the two I use most, followed by two others that are also pretty good.

For all Pages

Why 12 in Resolve?

  • The masteries in Resolve are just incredible. Sure, you could take 12 in Ferocity/Cunning (depending on what keystone you're running), but you sacrifice some of the survivability in the Resolve tree, which I value highly.

Why Recovery?

  • The regen from Recovery is great early on. This will allow you have a better chance of either snowballing or surviving until the late game where Yasuo shines.

Why Runic Armor?

  • This increases the power of your Regen and Lifesteal, which is huge both early and late.

  • If you play right, you shouldn't need that bonus 45HP from Veteran's Scars.

Why Perseverance?

  • +50% Base Health Regen is great for keeping yourself in lane.

  • It increases to +200% Base Health Regen when you're low on HP, which not only helps you even further to stay in lane but it also can save your life. I value survivability highly.

Why Expose Weakness?

  • This gives your entire team extra damage when you damage an enemy. This is especially good on Yasuo, because you have a bit of AoE damage with EQ as well as ults.

Why Fervor?

  • Yasuo can easily stack Fervor up to max due to being a melee champion.

  • Since Yasuo is an AA-reliant champ for the most part to deal his damage, Fervor scales well and gives him a lot of extra damage.

  • This mastery is better lategame but is also decent early on. If you don't need the early game power of Grasp this is a great mastery to take.

Why Warlord's?

  • Increased LS is amazing on a tankier Yasuo build, where you may not build a LS item.

  • Since this works on minions and without crit, this offers you great survivability early on.

NOTE: I will only use this with a Triforce build, where I may not get LS. I wouldn't use it in a build where I get lifesteal (I would use Fervor).

Why Wanderer?

  • The MS helps you get back to lane quicker, as well as roam a bit faster.

  • Yasuo does not need any help farming.

Why Bandit?

  • The early gold is very good. You get items more quickly and, even if you miss CS you still get one gold which, combined with harass, really will add up.

  • Dangerous Game is also fine, but I feel Bandit is better early on, which is what this page is all about.

Why don't I use this page?

  • This is an early-game page. While strong, it doesn't scale that well for Yasuo compared to Fervor or Grasp (in a tanky build for Grasp), while the other two are also okay early on.

NOTE: This page is still excellent against squishies both mid and top, but I just prefer Fervor in most cases (except against Riven).

Why Swiftness?

  • Swiftness grants 15% Tenacity and Slow Resist, which is incredible on a melee champion like Yasuo who is hurt badly by CC.

  • Yasuo is generally not built to be the tank. You want the Tenacity over increased resistances in most cases to keep you alive and putting out damage.

Why Grasp?

  • Grasp of the Undying heals you for 3% of your max HP and also deals that much damage to your opponent. This is very good against bruisers and tanks, allowing you to sustain and survive against them.

Why don't I use this page?

  • Warlord's Bloodlust changes make it really good for surviving early on, as well as possibly being more useful later on due to it giving straight LS.


Here I'll just post my two typical builds. NOTE: I always build 2 defensive items, because the survivability allows me to stay alive and continue dealing damage. You don't HAVE to build this way, and I will post some other good items after this section.

Shiv or PD?

  • Shiv is good if you need the waveclear or the hybrid damage.

  • PD is good if you need the dueling power, also has more AS than Shiv.

Why Greaves?

  • Greaves AS buff makes them actually a pretty good choice, since you increase your DPS by a good amount. You lack the bonuses from Swifties/Mercs/Tabi, but sometimes that's a fine choice to make.

Why Visage?

  • CDR lategame makes you good in teamfights, allowing you to ult and windwall more often.

  • HP and MR are great against mages.

  • Increases the power of your regen and lifesteal, meaning you gain even more survivability.

Why Sterak's?

  • Offers protection against burst.

  • Increases the power of your Spellblade procs (since it increases your base AD) if going with a Triforce build (yes, this is in the IE part of the builds because it's also useful there).

Why Dead Man's Plate?

  • MS is great on Yasuo, letting you charge your flow even faster as well as catch up to enemies.

  • Gives a little extra damage just for moving, which Yasuo does a lot of.

Why Randuin's?

  • Reduces the damage of Crits, which is good against the likes of Tryndamere (or several ADCs).

  • Active gives you great sticking power.

Why Trinity Force?

You lose a bit of damage and exchange it for utility. Trinity Force gives you:

  • MS

  • AS

  • HP

  • Phage Passive

  • Spellblade

These things make Trinity Force great for skirmishing and split pushing.

Why Titanic Hydra?

  • You end up building a lot of HP with a Triforce build (or I do, we call this "Tanksuo"). This makes the Titanic Hydra increasingly more powerful.

Why Frozen Mallet?

  • It gives a lot of HP and the slow on-hit can allow for your team to catch up, or prevent them from escaping. Great sticking power.

Why is Lifesteal Situational?

  • Since you build tankier, you can opt to just get more defensive stats over the Lifesteal (at the loss of the sustain). This is okay with the tanky build as you'll still be harder to kill (and Warlord's Bloodlust gives LS, so you can take that).

Why Sterak's/DMP/Randuin's/Visage?

  • See above.

Other Good Items

Why Maw?

  • Shield protects you from Magic Damage, making you more resistant to burst.

  • Gives AD, MR and flat armor penetration, which are all good on Yasuo.

  • When the shield is popped, you gain 25% AS and 10% LS, which are both incredible stats on Yasuo.

Why Blade of the Ruined King?

  • AS, AD and LS are all amazing on Yasuo, even after the nerf to BotRK.

  • The active gives you some good chase/sticking power as well as an escape.

  • The passive makes you deal a lot of damage to health-stacking tanks, which is very useful for Yasuo.

  • If you get this in an IE build you don't have to get Greaves. Yay(?)

Why Mercurial?

  • Mercurial now offers a lot of LS, making it very strong on an AA-focused champion like Yasuo.

  • QSS active allows you to escape their hard CC, which can mean the difference between life and death.

Why Mortal Reminder?

  • Fuck Mundo and Swain

Why Lord Dominik's Regards?

  • They have so much armor that even your ultimate isn't enough to get through it all.

  • You need something to help you take down Health-stacking champions (though I would prefer to get Blade of the Ruined King in that case).

There are other items, runes and masteries one can take. These are just the things I use most often. If you don't like what I offer, feel free to check out what other people might have to say and try their preferences out!

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