season finale teasers

Add if any character was omitted:


Alice Smith- we have no backstory at all. As far as we know, she could be the daughter of the wrongfully murdered preacher by the vigilante’s. She could be the daughter of Woodhouse, but we do know she had a miserable upbringing, which makes her an angry individual capable of anything

Hal Cooper- the alleged Black Hood, who claims to harbor genetic darkness, that his father was an evil serial killer, aka The Riverdale reaper who murdered the Conway Family. Using the platform of eliminating sinners, Hal was/is a sinner in his own right.

Penelope Blossom- was plopped into the SOQM at either birth of shortly after, and was initially raised in Gargoyle Central. An Herbalist, she has killed men before, and may do so again. Can you find a reason she would want to kill all the gang? Instead, she may get her redemption and save them, with Hal’s assist.

FP Jones II- another shitty upbringing, has keen knowledge of the Sisters shenanigans of the past. Why would he want to kill the gang? Makes no sense, plus both of his kids were left unharmed by the GK

Gladys Jones- did she leave Riverdale, and again, why kill the gang?

Tom Keller-the former Sheriff who has been helpful to the gang. Tom appeared to play GG before anyone evidenced by having his own GG manual that was confiscated by Norton

Sierra McCoy- lost her job due to the Lodge’s, was kept from Tom as a teen because of race, anything else that would make her crazy? Not really

Marty Mantle- would be super lame

Hermione and Hiram Lodge- the queen of the Red Herring, and the Man in Black, asking their own “daughter”, if she really is their true child, to drink poison, same for Hiram Lodge. In fact, depending on who the 5th and 6th chalices are for, any of the parents of these 6 having their child drink poison would mean………………one of the 6 kids parents are really not their blood. …..or they have “Auntie’s Antidote”

Mary Andrews- back in Riverdale…….is she a Blossom? This would be a whack reveal

That covers the Parental Group……… ask yourself which one would>! kill their child,!< or better yet, not their child with a strange twisted reveal?


Nana Rose Blossom- the Matriarch of Riverdale. If she is behind all this, it would have to include some other child she has, and could that be Hal? It’s a strange twist, but her past script indicates she may have hung out with>! Louis Cooper!<………..maybe she had a thing with him, just like Hal and Penelope, and repeats history in a backwards way??

Pop Tate- imagine him sitting in his office controlling the Town……….Really? The Church of Pop Tate

Sister Woodhouse- who may be alive and is evil as fuck. Did she mother one of the characters?

Penny and Malachai-would suck as a reveal

Edgar Evernever- not his real name, so who really is this guy? Is he the son of the travelling preacher? His story talks of hitting rock bottom, then awakes in a white room(Lab), and saved by a woman farmer? Is that woman either Sister Woodhouse or Nana Rose?

Marcus Mason- already played the role as a fake GK, but he is still in play as an unhappy fuckhead

Ethel Muggs- Barb’s revenge

Polly Cooper- is a strange bird, is fully onboard destroying her sister, if they end up being related? It appears she was Hal’s favorite

The Resurrection Candidates:

Joseph Conway- “there was no saving him”, “I know what he became” This would require a fake flak jacket shooting and involve Keller 100%

Chic- looks like he may return, and is he old enough to be the preacher’s son? Not really, so any involvement from him will require an explanation via his backstory. IMO, he is Alice’s son, not Charles. IMO, Charles is the son of Hal and Penelope, so that leads to……………

Charles- the mysterious guy, who as a kid, had the family resemblance. What did Woodhouse mean? The Cooper’s or Smith. I say Cooper resemblance(Blossomy). To have the Smith resemblance, wouldn’t that infer Woodhouse knows at least one of Alice’s blood parent? Could this be what is behind Alice Smith-Cooper’s anger and misery?

Curdle and his son----have to be misdirection………….that would be very lame IMO

Daryl/Dilton- need to think about this one a bit……WHY? All we know is Daryl was rejected by Penelope, big fuckin deal, get over it………….Dilton? The Psycho? Revenge for his father?

Ben Button-hope not, just deliver pizza, screw Chic, and tell Kevin no more hot dogs

Any former Serpent/Ghoulie/Gargoyle gang members-----------------Fuck Off

Norton- who merely ascended, a nutbag, drank the juice, and a character who would lead the charge as the worst reveal

Clifford/Claudius---------PLEASE STAY GONE

Jason Blossom- a FULL RETCON that opens up all kinds of shit like triplets, fake videos, answers the Cheryl questions, and the Polly stuff, but is it worth retelling the entire saga from this new POV?

The Finale Preview shows the 6 chalices surrounding what appears to be a Blossom syrup bottle. How poignant that the GK used this prop


Are any of them capable of being The Gargoyle King? This may mean being a murderer. Have at it!

Who is/was the most angriest person in Riverdale?

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