[SEASON TWO] Spec'd Formula - Week 1 - Qualifying

It's easy to take things out of context. Not "and then...". That was the same damn sentence and I don't care at this point. Not as if I will be running this series anyways after all.

I responded in a given manner...given your responses. Now you just took things out of context, left shit out and simplified the conversations into four condensed instances to suit your viewpoint in the above post.

You also edited the post that merely says this now: "I'm going to do testing tonight and let you know, but for now just do your v Quali in that car". The sort of light you just set on yourself wouldn't entice me to race in a series that someone like you runs at this point anways. This is easily the most fun car in the game to drive with a tune and you being the organizer...you're clearly not into racing with people who can race and feel out what the car needs to do what you want it to lol. There is never any other reason and closed tuning just further makes slower people less competitive in cars like this. IDK how many times I've heard people online say "omg, I can finally drive this thing!" when they are given mine or Arty's (RTracing.co) tunes. A fast driver is going to best fast no matter. When you start telling me to qualify anyways, things start to seem a little different and pretty probable. Otherwise you're solely telling me to waste my time.

You've got a lot to learn in regards to running a racing series. You're going to be smug and smirk at that sentence as soon as you read it; dismissing it. But you don't have any experience running a series with cars like this to know or say otherwise. One 600pp series? Even if it were many 600PP series'. Apples to oranges as are the driver calibers.

This is the first series I've ever seen someone exclude people off the bat by setting it so that people can't participate use a car they did things to it that can't be undone. Every single series on GTP allows rigidity and oil changes, because so many people apply it as soon as they get the car in the game. Let alone setting it that way with a three million dollar car to put people shit out of luck. I don't see the issue with just allowing rigidity and oil change lmao. Or tuning if that is not possible alone. Everyone can still apply it. Anyone who has...can't do anything about it lol it is comical and stupid that an organizer can be this illogical, skip over important issues like this and/or ignorant enough to exclude people for those two issues for whatever the reasoning. The only time I've ever seen this crap is with 50k cars in a bone stock series, things to that extent. In that case, it is possible it could make sense. 3 million dollar car, leading people on and then deleting part of the post to make it seem less as such - fuckin' stupid. No way around that fact.

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