The % of seats held by women in national parliaments worldwide has been steadily creeping up over the past 20 years. [OC]

  1. Usually caused by higher rates of mental illness and drug use.

Not sure that makes things any better...

  1. Higher effective rates, men are more likely to own and use a gun to commit suicide.

Could be a small factor but not the whole thing, males in the UK (without access to firearms) are still 3x more likely to kill themselves than females

  1. Abuse shelters arent for abuse, they are for homelessness caused by fleeing an abuser and having no resources to support yourself. This almost never happens to men.

40% of rape victims are male, 40-70% of domestic violence is against males yet less than 1% of DV shelters allow males

  1. True.

  2. Not actually true, in most cases if the man actually goes to trial the result is split. However only a fraction of a fraction of custody cases ever go to trial, and men report wanting no custody 30% of the time compared to around 2% for women.

This one I'm not sure about... So I'll trust you on that

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