Seattle Can't Stop Building Luxury Apartments Like a Crackhead Can't Stop Hitting That Pipe

In the Portland Metro all that's being built is high end apartments, cookie cutter upper middle class homes, and retirement homes. And then it feels like every apartment owner is remodeling their apartments for the influx of rich people sprinting their way here. A place down the road recently went from $600 to $1200 a month within one month. My moldy, leaky window, original 80's applianced, 900sq foot, $1250 a month apartment it now one of the cheapest in town.

I grew up here and now it looks like I'll be forced to leave. Every time I see construction I cross my fingers for affordable apartments but they never are.

And people get mad when you mention how the rush of rich Californians is ruining life for the locals. People get offended if you are against gentrification at all. Especially Californians. They get soooo angry when being reminded that moving here displaced a poor family and made it harder for them to put a roof over their head and food on their table. They think they have more of a right to this area then the people who have lived here since before it was cool.

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