Seattle councilmember calls for 'mass citywide movement' against Comcast and CenturyLink in support of municipal broadband

“The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money" - Margret Thatcher

The problem with capitalism is that eventually you run out of cheap thought-terminating cliches to defend it with.

Protip: Socialism doesn't mean taking money from working people and giving it to useless parasites. You're thinking of capitalism.

Disagree, she works to get her name in the paper. Everyone else does the heavy lifting and she shows up at the end and claims credit for it.

You're outright lying on this one. She has never passed up an opportunity to point out that mass movements won $15/hr and that she was only part of the process.

I'm voting for her opponent for this among many reasons. I want an effective City Council member not a circus clown.

And you'll get another generic corporate Democrat who's effective at screwing working people if you're successful. Personally, that's something I can do without.

Yes, a lot of hard working people studied hard in school and got high paying jobs because of this. They should be punished and demonized for this so we can give others handouts? I'm all for donating money to charity but targeting people who worked hard to get to where they are is just stupid. Hint: The "rich" pay taxes too.

You conveniently forgot to mention that some people can make money under capitalism with no hard work at all, either by inheriting it or investing the money they already have. In either case, they can live better than people who work hard all day while doing absolutely nothing of value to society. Nice try, but using highly paid skilled workers to deflect criticism from capitalists (people who make money with money, not labor) is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Besides, if hard work alone could make you rich, East Asian sweatshop workers would all be millionaires by now because they work way harder than both of us put together. Put down the cliches and go read an economics textbook.

Unions represent working people,

No, like corporations they represent what's in their best interest.

Yes, and it's in the leadership's best interest to represent their members well, or they will get voted out and replaced. Or the workers can vote to dissolve the union at their workplace if they think they aren't getting a good deal.

In most cases it's lining their pockets with 3.3% of the workers gross income.

In any decently run union, you get more than that amount back because the union can negotiate for higher pay and better benefits.

they are accountable only to their shareholders.

Then buy some stock and become an activist that way.

Yeah, I'll get right on that. Idiot.

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