Seattle Police officer's reaction to hearing "We have your address" | Cameraman was actually repeating back words the cop said to him.

Even if the officer never said what the video implies he said.

Even if this person filming said "We have your address", unprovoked to the cop, saying "we have your address" to a cop is not illegal.

This is what you don't understand.

That's why i compared it to the gun expression. Cops are targeted at their homes frequently as of lately in this political climate

Okay. That's your opinion and what you might assume this man will do to the cop. The fact of the matter is, it's protected speech to say you have a cop's address.

You are constitutionally protected when you say you have a cop's address.

He didn't make any threats. He simply repeated (what he claims the cop said) a phrase "we have your address".

Protesting cops' houses is perfectly legal, and it was done after the murders of George Floyd and Breona Taylor. Protestors gathered outside the officers' homes and held signs. They needed their addresses to do so, and it was perfectly legal to share those addresses and to say they have them.

You claiming my argument hits a wall because I say we can assume the guy in this video isn't lying, considering that point, and then saying what if we assume he is lying, and also considering the alternative, shows you're not a deep thinker.

I considered both sides to this.

In both cases, the officer is acting in the wrong.

It is not illegal to repeat "we have your address" after a cop says it.

It is also not illegal to say "we have your address" to a cop for no reason.

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