"And this is why second amendment rights must be a leftist issue. First, it keeps it off the table for the MAGAts to fear monger over, and, second, they've shown no hesitation to take the first violent act, so we need to be able to defend ourselves, especially considering... r/Fuckthealtright

Some of the far leftists actually support the 2nd amendment, only so far as it allows them to have firearms of which to use both against the state, and against everyone else.

Literally the Right-wing stance.

Full projection.

No, reality. source: everything the GOP has done for 30 years.

And just like Hollywood, as soon as you heard the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was signed, you would have said, "You know, this Hitler guy isn't all that bad."

lol wut?

"Identity Politics" meaning "I don't intend on being dependent on governmental or corporate structure."

Except for when it benefits me in the form of government subsidies and tax breaks, oh wait, it will never benefit 95% of GOP voters, but they think they'll be millionaires one day so "yay!"

If Democrats pivot to a pro-gun position the GOP's messaging will just change to something about arming antifa terrorists or giving guns to the violent hordes of brown people they claim have taken over the cities. The GOP will use any excuse to keep their base on the verge of committing genocide against the "other".

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