Second Head Of Russian Intelligence Dies Within Two Years

Do you really think Putin cares about how well Russia does once he is gone?

Honestly yes.

I think he genuinely believes what he's doing is best in the long term for Russia, and that the ends justify the means.

The Soviet Union was a superpower controlling a large portion of Europe.

Then in the space of a decade it fell apart, lost massive amounts of territory to its enemy, ruined it's economy, and found itself surrounded.

The Soviet Union was unsustainable to begin with, but that doesn't mean the old guard isn't pissed at the US for helping things along.

Russia finds itself irrelevant and surrounded on all sides by rivals, with a failing economy, an aging population, and a bleak future. It needs to gain back some its geopolitical power or it'll crumble.

This is why Russia is working so hard to destabilize the west - Brexit, vote manipulation, funding the far-right. If they can destabilize the west, they can create a power vacuum they can fill.

I'm not saying Putin is actually doing good things for Russia, but he believes he is, and is following a well laid out plan that's literally been published in a book (Foundations of Geopolitics)

Source: I have no idea what I'm talking about, this is mostly from random shit I've read on the internet. This is good enough for POTUS, so I consider myself an expert.

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