Second multitool for motorcycle/edc?

I find Leatherman pliers to be very comfortable to use compared to what i found to be sold as pliers here.

If we look at leatherman multitools - they generally have much higher quality of the built in tools compared to everything else i managed to find on the market.

Extra tools on multitool bring me some extra value and save space and weight (i also carry tools with myself for the whole day, so weight and size reduction does matter)

I am carrying some generic pliers. Not spring-loaded, not grippy, not well built, need some decent cover to transport since it does not fold. Tried searching around for something full size and foldable... well... no luck.

Screwdriver - i carry bits (philips and flat) and handle, need some cover for it, bits might get lost... sucks. I managed to find a pretty good ones from Wiha.

Meter - good luck finding decent tiny option. I get plastic one from local store. Gets cracked, some of them have imprecise prints...

Now let’s try to compare size and weight of folded multitool and box that needs to have all the tools inside. Well... multitool imho a clear winner.

Well... i would prefer to have decent quality tools on a multitool instead of trying to purchase them separately.

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