Second US Navy SEAL charged with war crime cover-up in Iraq - "A veteran of seven previous operations in Iraq and Afghanistan [...] reportedly fired into civilian crowds, gunned down an Iraqi girl walking along a riverbank and an old man carrying a water jug, threatening to kill fellow SEALs"

My point is that sometimes the rules are bent and broken, though that is an exception, and not the rule.

I am not like the majority of people in this thread who are saying all military people are like that. Most of the guys I have known aren't POGs, and only one of them talked like he looked forward to killing, but I think that was more of a defense mechanism tied to people being hurt on a deployment he missed. But I know people who have been through heavy shit (SSgt who was EOD in Fallujah; EOD who survived multiple IEDs and lost a leg; Vietnam paratrooper; drone pilot; SF guys; etc.) and none of them were baby killers.

That being said, dirty shit has to get done and I wouldn't put it past the bastards in the CIA to orchestrate something inappropriate, and separately, the way SEALs seem to act like glory hounds has always rubbed me the wrong way.

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