Second question of being asked alot but in a poor manner

This pretty much hits it. I love about every woman's body I see when I go on the porn subs. All sizes, all shapes, all colors. I like encouraging women along those lines that they are indeed attractive/sexy/etc and want to know that they hear me when I do it, but it really doesn't matter all that much as long as there's something there that "trims the wick" so to speak. I think that's what a lot miss - as long as the job gets done, the body is really minor compared to things like kinks/fetishes matching up, and more properly personalities matching up.

A lot of this stuff simply comes down to an inner view that people have of themselves. There's really all kinds for all people when it comes to body types. I know I'm very lenient and happy when it comes to body types (sex is more an intimacy extension to me of getting to know the *person*), but I can get pretty catty in return if someone is so shallow to have negative words about mine.

But key thing is that the only real opinion(s) that matters is the one(s) you're with.

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