I have a secret to share - shhhhh

Aw man, this hit me right in the feelings. I have 2 kids and am worth 3 million-ish. I’ve been so insanely stressed about finances. Paralyzingly stressed and it seems like nothing will ever be enough for me to settle down. I tragically lost a parent and have no siblings. My husband and I are raising two kids (kindergartener and 3 year old). I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding for 7 years straight. I stay home with them. I feel like I’ve sacrificed a lot. The other night we took them to ice cream and on the way the 3 year old was whining incessantly. Told her she couldn’t have any ice cream if it didn’t stop. Kindergartener changed his order 3x. He changed from chocolate, to one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of vanilla, to vanilla. Came to find out that he changed his order from his favorite, to one scoop of his favorite and one scoop of his sister’s favorite, to his sister’s favorite. He didn’t think she was getting any because she was whining so he sacrificed his entire ice cream to give his to her. He doesn’t even like vanilla. At that point I was like, screw everything else. I love that kid’s heart more than anything. I cannot pass on my toxic stress about finances to these children, absolutely nothing is worth that, and it is my life goal to continue nurturing that little dude and his sister so that they can hopefully change the world for the better. I have enough where I should stop stressing out all day every day and try to enjoy them as much as possible while they’re little.

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