Seeing men brag about how much they like sex makes me angry and resentful

I really think if I ever got divorced (which I'm not even close to), this is the path I would take after dealing with bedroom issues in my current.

I'd feel like a fraud getting remarried and I'd feel like I'd be risking this happening again eventually, and this feeling sucks really bad and it's really hard to get it right, considering how many people struggle in this department together.

I've secretly always thought marriage/monogamy (while having it's many other benefits that I love) is not really what we're designed to do, and that's why sex issues can become so prominent. I just feel like there's always going to be one partner that starts pulling back for whatever reason. And me being the male, AND the HL partner, I'd just be so worried to continue trying long term commitments where I'd eventually be in the same position.

So the allure of continuing new NRE sounds appealing, though I'm sure that's grass is always greener type of thinking because breaking up is always going to hurt like a motherfucker.

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