It seems you are all putting up with some incredibly ridiculous things. Here is the full banned list from Rainbow Serpent, one of the biggest Australian dance parties.

I think I'm the only one who linked you anything, and it was just to show restrictions on events, as you asked for. I wasn't trying to say "This is the same as the US"

On a side note, I would have been surprised if a 60k person EDM event like Stereosonic didn't have a prohibited item list that banned things like "glowsticks" or "no outside liquids." But that's not the case. At the same time, I didn't mean for anyone to take those links and conclude: "Yes these are the same as the US festivals based on the banned item list" because, not knowing more about the culture, it would be silly to conclude that.

Anyways, the comparison you are/were making is Rainbow Serpent to this post or other massives like Ultra/EDC. I said that it's not a fair comparison. As you've pointed out, Australia doesn't have much in the way of "commercial" festivals at the level of an Ultra/EDC. So what then - I guess agree to disagree here - you can call Rainbow commercial, but the numbers don't add up to me.

Seeing how this thread evolved... I edited my original post to include things like Electric Forest and Burning Man. If you've been around as long as you say, you probably know the futility in trying to convince new people their "scene" is worse or lesser than another "scene" - it's much better to simply share what else is out there and put positive vibes on it. As you say, let people decide for themselves. If people still want to support those Ultra/EDC-style massives, then so be it. If you want to take that into a commentary of US vs. Australian culture, well... good luck

Personally, I'd rather just hear about good parties. BTW thank you for posting those links. Flying down there is not on my plans, but overall I have heard lots of good things about the party culture there, especially from Technomad and friends that have visited/work out there.

I know it is totally horses for courses, and if someone has a mind blowing time at Ultra then that is wonderful and I wish nothing but good things for them


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