It seems Soulslike "Bleak Faith: Forsaken" is using stolen Assets from Fromsoft games.

A misunderstanding and we, the audience, needs to be better informed about how games are made, to be honest.

I work in gamedev.

This team, no matter how small it is, has shown at least incompetent, potentially negligent behavior in how they managed their product.

That assets clearly stolen from the extremely popular (and genre-relevant) Elden Ring ended up in the final, shipped, "for-sale" version of this game is absolutely a black mark on the devs for their part. Once something is being offered for sale, the liabilities skyrocket. No one is really interested in excuses that try to pass the buck at that point.

They didn't create the assets, they're victims of the asset peddler too, but it's impossible to have any faith in them as a dev house after this incident.

Shipping with AI-generated art is kind of separate, but together with the other news it does paint a picture of a small (or ineffective) team cutting corners to deliver just anything, rather than making the best possible content for a less ambitious project.

Your scope is always your responsibility, no matter your headcount. That's the point of scope, really: to make the game you're capable of making.

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