[Seiko] Wrist shot of the SBDC101 / SPB143

I’ve spent about a week with the SBDC101 / SPB143 and it’s become my favorite Seiko diver. I was honestly not expecting to like it as much as I do and I think after I’m done with my review I will be putting this one in the permanent collection.

To me this watch feels like the Black Bay 58 of Seiko divers. It’s just a touch smaller all around but those small changes make for such a great fit on the wrist. I’m also really happy Seiko left the arrow hour hand behind. I love this handset.

My only complaint so far is the bracelet. It’s a good bracelet, but it’s not great. I would have liked Seiko to use female center links on the end links to make it wear more true to size. With that said, this watch has looked great on just about everything I’ve put it on.

Bonus pocket shot here

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