The Seizures

Wow I'm sorry you had to deal with such nasty ignorant people.

I don't know a whole a lot about epilepsy but after this season started I looked up seizures and I was surprised to find out that not only are a lot of different things that can cause seizures but that there are several different types of seizures.

After finding this out I admit I was bit annoyed(though probably not as annoyed as you) at the show for using seizures without bothering to do any research on them at all. That said I'm not sure the seizures and the delusions are connected since the only they happened simultaneously(that we know of) was when Betty saw the floating babies, but there's still an issue the writers are over looking which bugs me: Different people react to different drugs, medicines, and stimuli in different ways, so the idea that every person who is exposed to whatever this is having the exact same reaction every time is pretty slim, if not impossible.

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