Sekiro, From Software's next game, subverts nearly everything we've come to expect from Dark Souls

Popular games in the States right now:




League of Legends

Rocket League

The list goes on. I would respectfully argue that none of these games get nearly as "hardcore" as the SoulsBorne series do.

SoulsBorne games have little to no handholding. You have to build your character almost from scratch, stat-wise.

SoulsBorne games are more difficult than the aforementioned games, overall. Boss encounters, invasions, obtuse level design - the game is a dream for people who love a good challenge. Those other games I listed are designed to encourage short and repetitive gaming sessions (matches) rather than dynamic, longer form sessions.

While SoulsBorne games are certainly popular in the States, all of those other games are much more popular in general and make more money than SoulsBorne games. This, alongside my other points, leads me to believe that Americans generally prefer streamlined gaming experiences over hardcore games.

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