A selection from the "Philosophy" section of Waterstones (major British book shop chain)

There's a tantalizing connection for me between the first sentence of Will to Power and the last sentence of Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. What do they both mean, one must schweigen ("remain silent")? Are they talking about "pearls before swine" or the limits of language or something else?

Then there's Osho's unforgettable recommendation of Will to Power:

Why didn’t Nietzsche himself publish the book while he was alive? I know why. It was too much even for him. He was not an enlightened man. He was afraid, afraid of what was going to happen to him if he published. And the book is pure dynamite! He always kept it under his pillow, even while asleep. He was afraid it may fall into the wrong hands. He was not a brave man as people usually think of him, he was a coward. But strange are the ways of existence: sometimes even a coward is showered with stars, and that’s what happened to Nietzsche.


Friedrich Nietzsche kept his best book to be published only after his death. I have already counted one of his books, THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA, but even that pales before WILL TO POWER. It is not a philosophical treatise, written systematically, it is just maxims, paragraphs. You have to find the connection. It is not there written for you to read. Hence, even though it is published it is not read much. Who bothers! Who wants to make any effort? – and WILL TO POWER needs tremendous effort to understand it. It is the very essence of Friedrich Nietzsche’s soul. And he was a madman! To understand it is to transcend it too.

On Adler:

Alfred Adler was one of the ’greatest’ psychologists. He is one of the trinity of psychologists: Freud, Jung and Adler. He is simply a thief. Adler has stolen his whole psychology from Friedrich Nietzsche. Adler says: Man’s basic instinct is the ’will to power’. Great! Who was he trying to deceive? Yet millions of fools are deceived. Adler is still counted as a great man. He is just a pygmy, only to be forgiven and forgotten.

On G.B. Shaw:

George Bernard Shaw steals his whole basic philosophy from Nietzsche. Great G.B.S. – Nobel prizewinner, George Bernard Shaw. Whatsoever he says is contained in only a few sentences of Nietzsche’s WILL TO POWER.

On Hitler:

Adolf Hitler stole his whole philosophy from Nietzsche. Hitler was incapable of doing anything right; he was such an idiot, he should really have been in India, not in Germany, and become a disciple of Muktananda. I can suggest a beautiful name for him: Swami Idiotananda! That’s what he was, the suprememost idiot of human history. He thought he understood Nietzsche. It is very difficult to understand Nietzsche; he is so subtle, so deep, and so profound. It is beyond the reach of any idiotananda.


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