Selena has a convenient access flap

Having your adult girlfriend in jammies while you fuck is pedophilia.

This isn't your girlfriend, its some porn star.

Just like if your girl likes it when you wear tighty-whiteys.

Tighty-whiteys...and a toddlers onsey are very different, and I don't see the comparison between tighty-whiteys and a toddlers onsey...

Mouth breathing over someone dressed like a toddler and calling the outfit sexy is the creepiest thing...and I don't see anything sexy about it. In fact the only folks I know of who do like this sort of fetishization are the same creeps who are into all that japanese cartoon porn of kids.

Also, did you know that if she likes it when you cross-dress you're both gay?

What has that got to do with dressing up like a child? The weird part isn't consenting adults - the weird part is the object of fixation is on the child's outfit, the onsey is called a "sexy outfit".

I've never seen one in Anne Summers or Victorias Secret, I have seen them in mothercare and other baby clothes shops. My infant wears them...honestly you just sound creepy trying to defend it.

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