self defense classes?

You’re far more likely to kill or injure yourself or someone else with a gun than ever successfully using it in self defense.

Do you honestly think a man wouldn’t be able to overpower a woman because she’s carrying a gun? If a man attacks a woman with a gun, then he could just as easily disarm or or have it stolen. Like I said, this happens even to cops.

What is awful advice is telling a bunch of young people to go out and buy guns in what is a pretty damn safe college town. When this creep is caught, you’d have a bunch of guns in the possession of college kids.

These are college kids who might be responsible themselves but have irresponsible friends over for a party who want to fuck around with a weapon. Hell, these break ins are happening because people can’t lock their doors. What makes you think they could store their gun away properly so they aren’t stolen in a break in? Not to mention how easily depressed college kids could commit suicide if they suddenly had easy access to a gun.

For the record, I never said don’t go get a gun. I said learn to defend yourself because simply having a gun isn’t enough. If you actually know how to use a gun, then fine. But encouraging young people to get a gun just because there’s been some break ins in town is hardly good advice.

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