I have self-harming scars on my wrist from the past, how would you feel about seeing these in public?

I could genuinely care less. I personally love all scars, I think they're fascinating. Sort of like they tell a story.

I might stare without realising, but it's not judgement so much as it is just concern and being intrigued.

Perhaps it's because I used to self harm too, although my scars have faded away, but I genuinely don't understand the stigma that comes with self harm.

I used to self harm as a kid, and whenever it was gym time and we had to change into shorts and short sleeves, I wore my scars with pride. I'm not sure whether anyone noticed them or not, but I was never ashamed of my scars. For others that feeling may be different, but I recommend you just say "fuck it" and try your best to be proud and confident in them. Or, if push comes to shove and you want other options, concealer or tattoos are an option too, and it's totally okay if you choose that. But make sure YOU are the one who influences your choices. Nobody else.

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