As a Self-Proclaimed Square, Someone's Huge Reliance on Alcohol and Drugs Baffles Me

I'll flat-out say it, anyone who pushes any of that shit on anyone after hearing a "no" is a jerk. It is totally okay to not partake! There is more to life than getting so fucked up that it's all a blur. Some people manage to balance it, but it's not mandatory; you can just not do it if you don't want to.

IDK how old you are, but I've noticed most people grow out of this pushy/judgy kind of attitude before they're out of their 20s (and the ones who don't are the ones with addiction issues). You don't have to put up with being disrespected; they need to understand that "no" is a complete sentence and it's not cool to push drugs/alcohol on people who don't want it.

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