I sell on eBay and got this in the mailbox today.

I appreciate the advice. I guess I should have said time is one of the biggest constraints for enjoying my hobbies. I have a fairly high end gaming PC, and a pretty massive board game collection, but I have basically no free time to enjoy either of them.

I've tried taking online course, specifically programming courses, because I enjoy it and I'm fairly good at it. However, I never get a chance to get much further than basics. I'm the type that gets really involved in something, and can let hours pass doing it, if it means I'm making meaningful progress. And in the course of learning programming, I always felt like I was making progress, which would lead to me using all of the time I had after work doing it, which my girlfriend did not appreciate. However, feeling like I had to stop before I was ready or made any significant leaps is incredibly discouraging for me, and made it much harder for me to actually learn, so I gave up.

I'm also a decent illustrator and graphic designer, but without a portfolio of professional work, the money/hour ration for me to get paid doing it just means it isn't viable anymore.

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