SEMC's knowledge base only has one article about Decay and it doesn't explain anything

Hmm... I don't have everything known to the dot, but I'll try to answer your questions.

Do note that I have no values to give you whatsoever. This is mainly talking from past threads I've read.

Also, I don't play Ranked. It's just not for me.


  • Decay Timer.

This is dependant on the skill tier from which a player is to decay iirc. Lower tiers have a bit more leeway before the decay kicks in.

Decays system start from Tier 5 Bronze.


  • Rank Point loses.

Again, I think it's dependant on the tier the player is at upon starting the decay and where they are decaying to. For example, a Tier 10 decaying to Tier 9 will lose more Rank Points than a Tier 9 decaying to Tier 8 and so on.


  • How far can one drop?

All the way to Tier 4 Gold. The decay stops there.


  • Affect of Ranked Match of either 3v3 or 5v5.

As far as I'm aware, playing any Ranked Match will prevent both Tiers from decaying.


  • The Tier 6 skin chase.

Once you hit 6, you will get the skin, regardless whether your rank (in either 3v3 or 5v5) decays.


Hope this helped a little bit.

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