Semen retention and steroids

Anyone who preaches steroids has zero understanding of the human body and in fact, anabolic steroids in principle go semen retention/ abstinence. You cannot cheat the human body; it’s the perfect balance, a yin and yang.

Any artificial chemical manipulation will destroy the order in the body and result in the body looking for homeostasis. You take exogenous testosterone the body will automatically shut down natural testosterone production, which results in no sperm/semen production. And some other compounds shut you harder than testosterone like Nandrolone derivatives. And also androgen receptors production down regulates as well. It's also proven that supraphysiological of hormones make you dumb, the bro/gym stereotype exists for a reason(Will link study when I found it). It is also a well-known fact that those steroid users usually have more girls, why? Because they don’t have natural testosterone when impregnating a woman. Worldwide more girls are being born, why, because testosterone levels worldwide are plummeting. Fighting an unnatural cause with an unnatural solution isn't the answer, it possibly the worst answer.

How does anabolic and semen retention even make sense? As unnatural levels of testosterone will cause unnatural sex drive, zero sperm/semen production (Or greatly impaired) and when it’s time to reabsorb semen or even produce semen, these nothing in the testicles. See how illogical steroids and semen retention is? Also semen is subtly found in every cell in the body, and it is the reason for the glow you get, how is taking a substance which shuts off semen production productive? It isn’t, it is counterproductive.

Nothing will ever beat a full set of testicles naturally, it’s nature’s plan

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