[Semi-Weekly Inquirer] Simple Questions and Recommendations Thread

Hi, r/watches! First time posting on this sub. Need some advice on my Guess W0040G8.

I bought it last July at a watch outlet in Orlando on my last day of vacation. Worked fine when I first put it on, but by the time I noticed it wasn't anymore, we were already on the plane heading home, so I couldn't take it back.

Every morning I'd reset the time, and it'd start up again. But then that night or after it'd been working for a good part of the day, it'd stop again. I was lazy and didn't feel like getting it repaired, so I did that every day for a while. Eventually, I just stopped wearing it because it was getting to be a hassle doing that all the time.

But I love that watch! So I want to stop being lazy and get it fixed. Better late than never!

My question is, what sort of repair do you think this is going to need? Is there a ballpark estimate of how much that might be price-wise?

Also, do you recommend sending it directly to Guess or going to a local jewelry store that does repairs?


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