Sen. Chris Murphy's full comments on the Senate floor, begging, pleading, chastising his Republican colleagues to do something, anything, to stem the tide of gun violence in America.

Hear me out. State funded security provided to every public school. 3 guard’s minimum equipped with long guns. You have to remember two things when discussing situations like this. 1. People that commit these horrible crimes are cowards, why do you think they chose an elementary school? They are not looking for a gun fight they are looking for a shooting gallery. Counter that by having well trained well armed individuals already guarding schools. 2. I’m not saying guns should be in classrooms, they need to be at every entrance. 3. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, you’re beyond naive if you believe making guns illegal will stop mass murder. Ffs murder is already illegal and that doesn’t stop them. Humans are violent and no matter what laws we create or what restrictions we impose evil will always exist. Let’s say even hypothetically you do manage to take away guns, you would be horrified to see the extent our creativity would go to create new ways to effectively harm one other.

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