Sen. Sinema, lone senate Democrat opposed to net neutrality, tied to Comcast lobbyist's dark money

I never said it was a direct betrayal to the LGBT community. It just shows what a flake she is when it comes to civil liberties when she’s fine removing ones over here, but we haven’t seen her remove others yet.

And quite honestly. I will not accept huge advancements for the LGTBQ community if they come at the expense of my net neutrality. At the expense of my medical bills. At the expense of a bunch of other things in my life I care about.

It’s not right to overlook bullshit here, but oh hey look. I’m gay and she’s pushing for me here. Fuck that. I’d rather be persecuted for being gay. I’ll fight that fucking battle some more if it means I won’t have to fight another fucking ten in the future.

Fuck her.

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