Senate clears Trump. What's next? Negligence claims and some hearty 1A debate

Well it's really easy to paint me as a Trump supporter when you sit there and inform me of my opinions and what I think. From your first "y'all" in your first sentence you stuffed me in a box with a group of people you call "Trump Supporters" then proceeded to inform me all of their opinions and beliefs are my own.

At no point did I say 90% of the shit you just said. I didn't say leave him alone, and I never drew some equivalency with Democrats.

He was just acquitted by the Senate. At some point a question has to be raised about how much time and resources are going to a fight that is very likely to not get you the outcome you desire. You can beat your chest and be as righteously indignant as you want. The question still stands.

Sorry I'm not a zealot to the death for his prosecution, and you think that makes me some Trump supporting proud boy or some shit? GTFOH

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