Senate GOP blocks Equal Rights Amendment

Conservatives are the problem


I say this a lot - These are not conservatives - they are flat-out regressives who have hijacked the conservative party and ideology for their own selfish motives. NONE of what they are spewing is "conservative," they just want to "put things back the way they were," which is conveniently whatever they alone believe things used to be like.

True conservatism is actually supposed to be a form of measured progressivism - i.e. progress is good, but progress for the sake of progress (i.e. saying "we're going to do what we believe is the right thing to do regardless of whether anyone is asking for it or voicing grievances to stimulate it), or forced progress before the majority of the nation is ready to accept and integrate with that progress is counter-productive.

The GOP wants nothing to do with any of that, they've hijacked the notion of perceived forced progress in certain cultural areas in order to stimulate outrage among change-resistant personalities for the purposes of leading a charge to reinstate a "traditional" society that has been increasingly consigned to the rubbish bin for some 50 years, now.

Not conservatives - regressives.

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