US Senate leaders and White House reach stimulus deal as India locks down

This disastrous bipartisan stimulus bill is based on tax records from 2018, people's lives have changed since 2018, in addition 80% of people live check to check from all income groups.

This will destroy the country if they simply think $0 dollars for both socio-economic groups are going to survive on nothing for 18 months and dating back from tax records over two years ago. This will destroy the country.

When you compound this with panic buying, these people are most likely broke as well. The republicans and democrats are not qualified to lead this country, and it's time to start thinking outside of the textbook because they are going to create unrest on a national level when they've disenfranchised tens of millions of people that are now left behind and are financially destitute when they can't pay for rent/mortgage, food, utilities, daycare, or medications.

50.4 million people's lives are going to be destroyed by this (this excludes retired people that are liquid). When you include layoffs and those that won't qualify for unemployment insurance, this number will increase. The civil unrest will be at catastrophic heights within the next few weeks. I don't think people seem to get this.

Any society is only three square meals away from a revolution


We've written in detail that we need to start thinking outside of the textbook for some time, and now it's ringing true more than ever that this system is fundamentally broken and needs to be fixed to work for the people, not the opulent.

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